Pattern testing

Our first pattern collection wouldn't have been possible without a wonderful, talented, group of testers who volunteered their time and energy to help put the patterns through their paces. If you are one of those ladies, thank you again for such a valuable contribution (and please feel free to sign up again)!

Now we're gearing up to the launch of new patterns in 2020, and the introduction of a new and improved size range - so we need more pattern testers, please!

*** To sign up, please fill out our Pattern Tester Signup Survey. ****

But first... please read this page as it contains some hopefully helpful information about the process. To everyone who does sign up: a HUGE thank you in advance!

1. What is involved?

When each new pattern is ready, I will send details to the pattern tester mailing list, which will set out:

  • a description of the pattern, suitable fabrics, and difficulty level/techniques involved;
  • whether the tester call is for the full size range (for new patterns) or just for additional sizes of an existing pattern (e.g. the new sizes for the Agnes skirt); and
  • information on the timing required:
    • Typically I would request responses within a week for those interested in testing that particular pattern. I would then confirm which testers have been selected, and send them the PDF pattern files and instructions.
    • I would ask testers to make their garment within 3 weeks and let me have any comments by the end of that period. Please feel free to ask questions or send feedback in stages, as you progress with the test garment.
    • When the final pattern is released, all testers will be sent a link/voucher to download the official PDF, free of charge, from our website.
2. What is your new size range?

The full size chart is here, but in summary, the guideline body measurements range from:

  • Bust: 31"- 53" (drafted for 31" - 43" in a B cup, and 41" - 53" in a D cup, with both options available for 41"-43" busts)
  • Waist: 24" - 46"
  • Hip: 34" - 57"
3. Blog posts / social media
  • You are under no obligation at all to publish any sort of review or photo or comments, whatsoever. As a tester, we would like your feedback (positive or negative, and on anything you think we could correct or improve, or should do more of) as we work to finalise the patterns. We absolutely recognise that in doing so, you are volunteering your time (and your fabric!), and we give you a free copy of the final pattern as a small token of appreciation.
  • That said, if you would like to write a blog post, or post about the project on social media, we have two requests:
  1. Please feel under no pressure to say only positive things. You have every right to give your honest opinions, indeed we think you owe it to your audience to do so! The free pattern is in no way tied to any particular type of commentary on the pattern - your (hopefully fair) criticism is just as welcome as any praise.
  2. However, in terms of timing, we would ask that you hold off on any public references to the pattern until it has been officially released. As a tester, you are given early access to the pattern whilst it is still in essence a confidential work in progress, and we ask that you respect that confidentiality, please - thank you in advance! 
4. How do you use pattern tester information?
  • On our signup survey, you will notice that we ask you to provide certain personal information (such as an email address, first name, and the Pearson and Pope size your body measurements suggest you should be making).
  • This information is necessary for the running of our pattern testing so that we can (a) contact testers via email and (b) ensure that each pattern is tested in a range of sizes - ideally we'd like each size tested, and the only way we can achieve that is to know who is likely to be testing which sizes. You are of course free to grade between sizes, or choose to make a different size based on the finished garment measurements, though. We will not distribute this information to anyone else, nor will we use your email address for other purposes (unless you've separately signed up to our newsletter, for example).
  • If you send photos of your test garment (which I'd love to see!), we will not use or circulate those photos unless you have provided permission for us to do so, either via the relevant questions in the signup survey or separately when you send your photos.
Ok, sign me up!:

If you're interested, please please fill out our Pattern Tester Signup Survey ! The call for pattern testers will be open until 20 December 2019. If we are oversubscribed, testers will be chosen at random within each size range. We will then let all responders know whether they have been selected, by the end of December 2019.