Fabric Edit: Inspiration for the Annie Skirt

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Here's a selection of fabrics that would make it into my basket if I was fabric shopping with the Annie skirt in mind! 

These fabrics are all from Minerva Crafts - this is not an affiliate link but they've kindly given permission for us to feature their fabrics.



1. Textured Weave Polyester Crepe - Minerva Crafts 

2. Wool/Silk blend suiting - Minerva Crafts

3. Textured Poly/Wool blend suiting - Minerva Crafts 

4. Kate Moss Design House crepe - Minerva Crafts

5. Heavy triple crepe - Minerva Crafts (other colours available)

6. Italian 100% Wool Suiting - Minerva Crafts


(Disclaimer: I haven't seen physical samples of these fabrics, but then that's how I do my fabric shopping! Minerva Crafts rarely disappoints, and they even offer a refund on cut fabric orders, so I always order with confidence!)


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