Agnes Skirt: Video sew-along snippets

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I've put together a selection of short videos to supplement the sewalong and the instructions booklet. They're not at all fancy - just me in my sewing room! - but I hope they're helpful, particularly for less confident/experienced sewers. 

There is no need to have the sound on, except where noted below. Most videos are either silent or just have some background music, but there are captions explaining what's going on at key moments.


Introduction / preparation

1. Features / pattern overview

2. Fabric examples

3. Flat pattern adjustments: grading

4. Flat pattern adjustments: length

5. Transferring pattern markings

6. Tip: serging vent corners


Sewing & construction

7. Darts

8. Pockets


9. Skirt assembly

10. Lining and vent

11. Waistband 

Part 1 (The waistband):

Part 2 (Hand stitching):


 12. Thread chains

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